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La Trappe Tripel

Bavaria Brouwerij
8% ABV

La Trappe is one of the few authentic Trappist breweries based within the Koningshoeven monastery in Holland. La Trappe Tripel’s has a slightly malty and estery aroma owing its crisp and spicy character to the use of coriander and other spices and herbs, as well as to post-fermentation in the bottle. Despite its full, rich flavour, this out-of-the-ordinary ale still has a light and dry aftertaste with a touch of bitter finesse


Enjoy with...

  • Duck
  • Duck Salad
  • Duck L'orange
  • Duck Oishi Bun
  • Turducken
  • Roast Duck
  • Bombay Duck
  • Crispy Aromatic Duck
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