Whether your Christmas present buying is determined by a carefully selected list from a loved one or the glut of ads currently filling every conceivable piece of media space, the conveyor belt of gift ideas continually flows into our eyes and minds. We're here to help separate the malted barley from the chaff.

To offer some respite from the socks, chocolates and photo frames say hello to the There's A Beer For That Christmas gift guide. Here you'll find gift ideas from the beery world for the beer novice, the casual beer consumer and the folk whose beer expertise is turned all the way up to 11.

Beer Beginner

Carlsberg Beer'd Beauty

Carlsberg Group, $61.15

Containing the antioxidants and antibacterial acids from the hops used in the world famous beer, this shaving gel, aftershave cream and beard cream ensures any facially hirsute friend can use probably the best grooming products in the world.

Barbar multitool bottle opener

Ansoknives, $75

Made from solid titanium this robust 3-in-1 tool offers a bottle opener, prybar and wrench. It's also pleasing on the eye and just the right size. All other openers need not apply.

Continental Beer Basket

Hamper Gifts, £29

An ideal gift for the festive season with two classic lagers (Peroni and Pilsner Urquell) and a whole host of other goodies such as fruit cake, shortbread and chocolate. Enjoy the Pilsner Urquell with the included sea salt crackers (its peppery finish will balance the saltiness of the cracker) and try the Peroni with the shortbread where its subtle sweetness will complement the sugary biscuits.

Beer Subscription

BeerBods, £36

What better way to discover new beers by trying a different one each week and learning a bit about it at the same time. That's exactly what happens with BeerBods where you're sent 12 beers every 12 weeks and each Thursday you join in with the BeerBods live chat to discuss that weeks beer with new friends. Handily you can even buy subscription as a gift.

Sharp's Favourites Mixed 6

Sharp's Brewery, £14.99

This trio of the famous Cornish brewers most popular beers is a great introduction to different beer styles. You get two each of Doom Bar (bitter), Atlantic (pale ale) and Wolf Rock (India Pale Ale) and all are packed with flavour.

Let Me Tell You About Beer: A Beginners Guide To All Things Brewed, by Melissa Cole

Amazon, £14.94

As the title suggests this is the perfect book with which to start your journey into beer.  Beer sommelier, judge and writer Melissa Cole guides you around the world of beer offering over 200 beer recommendations, tasting notes and info on everything from ingredients and flavours to beer styles and beer and food matching. Accessible, fun and interesting it's an essential book for anyone looking to get interested in beer.

Beer Browser

12 bottle beer crate

Wooden Box UK, £11.06

There probably isn't room in most peoples fridges to store all their favourite beers so a great storage solution is this beer crate. Unobtrusive and with space for 12 bottles it's a good way to start a collection of the beers you've been recommended. You could even fill the crate with beautiful beer as an extra pressie. Head over to Beers of Europe and select 12 belters.

The Chillsner - beer chiller

Birando Ltd, £24.99

Don't worry about your beer getting warm with the worlds first in-bottle beer chiller. Guaranteed to keep your beer cold for up to 45 minutes this handy device ensures you don't have to rush your drink and also frees up space in your fridge (but you'll probably be using the beer crate for storage anyway).

Book a Brewery tour with the Heineken Experience

Red Letter Days, £20-£60

Nothing like getting a deeper understanding of the complexities of beer by seeing how it’s made. Breweries up and down the country (there are over 1,400 now) offer tours all year round, and most offer vouchers so there’s even something to open on Christmas day. Red Letter Days offer a good selection of tours or, for the ultimate brewery tour gift, go for the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. A holiday and a tour of a world famous brewery in one.

Spiegelau Glassware

WineStuff, £44.99

You have your beer thanks to BeerBods or the continental beer basket and you have an opener, you just need the right glassware to drink it from, and Spiegelau glassware is top drawer. This selection of four laser cut glasses (a stemmed pilsner, lager, wheat beer, and tall pilsner glass) will enhance the appearance, aroma, taste and mouth feel of your beer.

Leffe giftpack

BeerRitz, £23.98

This Belgian beer is recognised and enjoyed all over the world. From its distinctive branding and foil finished bottles to the beer itself and the full bodied, rich and luxurious characteristics. You’ll receive four bottles of the beer (2 x brune, 2 x blond) and a chalice glass from which to enjoy them.

300 Beers to Try Before You Die, by Roger Protz

Amazon, $20.73

Beer writers don’t come with better pedigree than Roger Protz. Known around the world he’s the author of numerous books on beer and 300 Beers To Try Before You Die represents years of ‘research’. From Belgian fruit beers to British cask ales this book takes you on a journey of discovery.


Table at London restaurant Wahleeah

Wahleeah, est £70 per head 

This newly opened restaurant in Fulham,, South West London is all about beer and food. Head chef and owner Dave Ahern has created an incredible menu with beer at the forefront, offering dishes cooked in beer and also over 50 beers from around the world to pair with your dishes. A dining experience like no other. 

The Best Beer in the World, by Mark Dredge

Amazon, £14.98

What's the best in the world? Acclaimed beer writer Mark Dredge went on a journey of beer discovery to try and find out the answer to that very question. Part city beer guide, part travelogue and part reference book, The Best Beer in the World looks at the bars, beers and breweries in four continents and immerses you in local beer culture from each region. Is there an answer to the best beer in the world question? You'll have to buy the book to find out.

3-in-1 Hermetus bottle opener and sealer

Good Beer Hunting, $9.95

Open a beer with this attractive yet functional opener and then, when a few sips is all you need, close it up with the handy sealer and pop it back in the fridge. Perfect for those who enjoying savouring their beers.

Brewly homebrew starter kit

Brewly, £37.98

Everything you need to brew beer from home with Brewly's starter kit, including a recipe voucher so you can choose your own beer. All the gear, a good idea.

Moleskine beer journal

Amazon, £11.50

A journey of beer discovery never really ends, with breweries releasing new beers each year and even creating brand new styles. The Moleskine beer journal is a place to catalogue all the new (and old) beers you try with enough room for tasting notes and thoughts on the beer. There are also pouring tips, homebrewing advice and space for your favourite pub addresses. The ultimate companion for anyone with a passion for beer.

FlavorActiV beer sensory kits

FlavorActiv, £42-£150

We're deep in beer geek territory here. Train your senses to beer judge level with FlavorActiV's sensory kits. The sensory training specialists have created three packs (beginner, enthusiast, professional) which will enable you how to distinguish the good (and bad) flavours and aromas in beer. 

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