For such a tiny island, Britain is a very diverse place. 
From the peaks of Scotland to the port of Southampton, 
Britain is nothing if not diverse. We're a nation of surveyors, 
purveyors, builders and bankers. We’re as varied as the beers, of Britain, in fact. Our brewers and pubs do us proud.

It’s a great time to be a beer drinker. With beer as our national drink, 
other countries can only look on enviously as we decide... Porter or pilsner? Lager or lambic? Sour or stout? Golden, red or pale ale? It rather depends on how you're feeling, what you're eating and who you're meeting, right?

"BOLOGNESE, honey glaze, a joint of pork cooked for days..."
There's A Beer For That
"Irish stew, saag aloo, friends round for cheese fondue.."
There's A Beer For That