Beer is our national drink, and there's never been a better time to enjoy it. 1,400 breweries are producing over 140 different beer styles, and with thousands of brands to choose from there's almost certainly a beer that's just right for you.

Brewed by innovative, forward thinking people, beer boasts an extraordinary range of flavours and aromas and pairs perfectly with all sorts of food. With beer being such a diverse, versatile and complex drink you’re bound to have some questions. You need Beer Club in your life.

Every Wednesday at 8pm on Twitter we cover a different beer topic with a beer expert on hand to answer all your beery queries. From beer and BBQ’s and beer and cheese to beers for wine lovers and beer and vegetarian food, there’s a Beer Club topic that will pique the interest of beer aficionados and beer novices alike. Even those that think they don’t like beer will find a Beer Club for them.

What will you discuss?

A different beer topic each week. It could be a beer style, which beers to take on a picnic, the perfect beer with your favourite food, beer alternatives to wine or even beer and sandwiches. Whatever the topic there’ll be an expert on hand to answer your most searching questions and recommend just the right beer. Check out past Beer Clubs in our blog, here.

How do I get involved?

Join us every Wednesday evening on Twitter @BeerForThat, use the hashtag #BeerClub in your tweets and fire away! You’ll receive help and advice from our experts and also your fellow Beer Club-bers. If you want to share your love for a new beer discovery or have some pointers for those new to beer, Beer Club welcomes you with open arms too.

How can I stay up to date with Beer Club if I’m not on Twitter?

Each week we round-up Beer Club in our newsletter. It covers the most recent Beer Club with some highlights, the odd beer tip and also the topic we’ll be covering next. It’s like you were actually there.

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