Sometimes a takeaway is just what's needed. Long day at work followed by the trudge home, then faced with a cupboard and fridge filled with ingredients that refuse to miraculously put themselves together for a lovely dinner.  Get a takeaway. And if there's one thing that can elevate these culinary delights to a new level... It's beer.

The takeaway you choose varies depending on company and, of course, what you feel like eating. Whichever you order and with whoever you enjoy it, there's a beer for that. At a recent Beer Club, our weekly Twitter chat on all things beer, we illustrated beers versatility by pairing beers to all your favourite takeaways.

Curries are a takeaway staple and vary hugely from one dish to the next, so the accompanying drink has to be equally diverse. Step forward beer. A chicken Madras is (more often than not) a hot curry with plenty of sauce and strongly spiced. Schiehallion, a lager, by Harviestoun Brewery has citrus to complement the chicken, bittersweetness to lift the flavours and also cut through the rich sauce and temper the heat. But we could devote a whole blog post (or five) to the best beers with a curry. Instead, feast your eyes on our beer and curry cheat sheet.

Curry Week

How about fish and chips, that British takeaway classic? Go for something with lemon, citrus notes to complement the fish (but light enough not to overwhelm it) and decent carbonation to cut through the fat. Adnams Spindrift, St Peter's Golden Ale, St Austell Tribute and Grolsch will all do a fine job.

Chinese cuisine offers up fantastic beer pairing opportunities. With all sorts of meat, vegetables, rice, noodles, seasonings and sauces there's lots for beer to contend with, which is where beers versatility comes to the fore. In fact beer is so good with Chinese food we even made a film, just for you.

Then there's pizza (try Fuller's IPA), piri piri chicken (look to Thornbridge Wild Swan), Thai green curry (Franziskaner wheat beer is a joy here), burger (Bath Ales Wild Hare), sushi (head for a Blue Moon) and even a doner kebab (Timothy Taylor's Landlord). So whichever takeaway you go for make sure it's everything it should be by pairing it with the right beer.

To discover the perfect beer for your top takeaway use Beer Match, our tool that pairs beers to all your favourite dishes. It's simple to use. Or try Beer Explorer, our interactive guide to the best beers in Britain where you can search for beers by name, style, brewery, flavour and food match.

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