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Middle-Aged Spread

Appleby Brewery
5.2% ABV

Middle-Aged Spread seemed to be an ideal name for a beer which goes under the classification 'Stout'. It is dark, nutty, chocolatty and rich, perfect for winter firesides. Here is our tribute to the waters of the Liffey. Although we are in the foothills of the Northern Pennines, here we emulate Dublin water to bring you a full-bodied Black Stout. Lightly hopped, here the taste comes from the use of Dark Crystal, Acid and Chocolate Malts which combine to make a Stout that is full-bodied, rich and satisfying. AT 5.2% ABV, Middle-Aged Spread is the strongest beer we make but the strength is not just measured in alcohol content for this is a beer that is bursting with taste. It is bitter (in a good way) and gives a taste designed to be savoured and enjoyed. So, the next time someone says they think you are getting a Middle-Aged Spread, the only correct response is "Good idea, I think I will".


Enjoy with...

  • Chocolate Cake
  • Oysters
  • Grilled vegetables
  • Scallops
  • Blackberry & apple pie
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