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Midlife Crisis

Appleby Brewery
4.2% ABV

India Pale Ales, or IPAs as they are more commonly known, are very hoppy in nature. Back in the days of the British Empire, the Brits wanted to transport their beers to the colonies in India but the beer would often spoil on the journey and be undrinkable when it finally arrived. It was found that Hops acted as an antiseptic and that by raising the hop content of the beer, it would be naturally preserved. For this reason, IPAs usually have a distinctive, hoppy aroma and taste. Midlife Crisis is a full bodied, pale 4.2% ABV IPA. The overall taste characteristic comes from the hops. As befits an IPA, this is a hoppy beer. We use three types of hops, all with the classic British taste profile. Bittering and Aroma Hops are used in the boil to give the beer the classic hoppy bitterness of the traditional British IPA, then it is 'Dry=Hopped' with Goldings post-boil to give a classic hoppy aroma to the beer.


Enjoy with...

  • Cheddar
  • Carrot Cake
  • Thai Green Curry
  • Curry
  • Burgers
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