Why did you build #BeerMatch?

Once you know about the HUGE variety of beer available in the UK, it can be confusing – daunting even. Where do you start? With so many styles and beer brands out there, trusted experts are fantastic guides to the world of beer. However, they are very busy people and it’d be a tough job to sit there all day tweeting beer recommendations. #BeerMatch is a way to get more of their expertise to more people, more quickly. Their depth of knowledge can’t be replaced by Twitter, but we hope to inspire people to seek out beer experts and ask more questions about their beer.

How many beer and food matches do you have?

We have over 3,000 right now, but we grow based on what you’re tweeting us. If we don’t have your dish yet we’ll get a sommelier to make a match for you, then the next week someone requests the same one we will be able to send it automatically through #BeerMatch. Each food has between one and 5 beer matches to it, so one person who tweets us might not get the same response as someone else - it all depends if the beer sommeliers agree.

What are the rules for beer and food matching?

An excellent question - more on this soon. There are rules and trusted classic pairings, but there are also some brilliant beer and food matches that defy the rules. It’s often quite a subjective thing – ultimately the rule is If YOU like it, it’s a match made in heaven. Experts know more great matches than most, because it’s their job to know!

How do you pick the beers to match with the foods?

We’re working from a database of 1,500 beers, but this is just for now. We’re adding new beers all the time, so each recipe can have more than the handful matched to it that we’ve started with. If you think you can help us with this, tweet us.

Why have you named the sommeliers?

Since our experts worked so hard to learn so much about beer, we think they deserve a bit of credit. If you like their match, tweet them and let them know!

I love #BeerMatch – what can I do?

Great news! Feel free to spread the word about #BeerMatch on Twitter (other social networks are available), and tell all your friends in real life, too.

I hate #BeerMatch – what can I do?

If you don’t like the beer you’ve been recommended, we suggest you give it another shot as some foods have more than one beer matched to them, recommended by another expert. If you think you’ve spotted an error, tweet us. If you think you can do better we’re especially keen to hear from you, since mapping all the foods to all the beers is a BIG job, and we could use a hand.

I haven’t had a response?

So we don’t accidentally try to suggest a beer to all of Twitter, you must tweet to us AND include the #BeerMatch hashtag. That means you must start your tweet with @BeerForThat, followed by your food then the hashtag (those can go in any order).

I just get sent to your website?

You need to click to expand the tweet rather than click on the link, as we’re using Twitter cards to show you a bit more info (image, beer style, tasting notes, who made the match).


We’re all ears – tweet us, or find us on Facebook.

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