There are no hard and fast rules about beer and food matching, but it does help to have a few guidelines to work from. We like to use the "Three C's" principle.

Below, we explain and exemplify how you can do this at home, why not tweet us with your creations? @BeerForthat on Twitter and Facebook.


Beers with flavours that offer a complete contrast to the food. Think sweet contrasting with saltiness or tempering and soothing hot spices.

Below is a sour beer, and we've paired it with a chocolate brownie. Together the cherries and the chocolate make a flavour sensation like a black forest gateaux, or a fruity chocolate liquer.


Beers with flavours that complement similar flavours in the food, delivering the perfect match.

The classic example is a mild and roast beef . The caramelly, bitter notes of the mild complement the rich and roasted sweetness of the meat perfectly.


Beers that cut through the flavour or body of the food through their carbonation or their bitterness.

There's nothing quite like a lager and charcuterie. The tangy oiliness of the meat is cleared right off your tongue by the bitter, bubbly lager - ready for your next bite.

To find out more why not listen to this podcast by the lovely Lucy and Louise from WeMadeABeer

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