In the context of beer history male brewers are a recent development. The original brewers were women. Laws even stipulated that brewing equipment was the property of women and couldn't be sold without their permission. Indeed, beer has more feminine connections than any other beverage; brewers use the female part of the hop plant and the yeast cells used in fermentation are also female. So, it's fair to say that without women we wouldn't have beer.

Today women are involved in every aspect of the beer chain. From farming and brewing to marketing and management. Meet some of the women below that are helping make beer great in Britain - from every ingredient, right down to the finished product, and the marketing.

To find out more about the role of women in beer, and to get involved, please visit Dea Latis - a group formed to change women’s perceptions about beer and encourage more women to consider beer as a drink of choice.

ALI capper - Hops EXPERT


Director, British Hop Association  

In Partnership at Stocks Farm, Suckley, Worcestershire with her husband Richard and his father Mark, the Cappers specialise in growing hops and apples. They farm dessert & cider apples and hops. Ali’s former career was in Advertising & Marketing. Today, in addition to numerous roles at the farm, her work includes membership of the Boards of the British Hop Association, Wye Hops, the Hop Industry Committee, the Norton Cider Growers Association and as Chairman of the NFU's National Horticulture & Potatoes Board. Ali is a Nuffield Scholar, a Trustee of FACE and The Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust.As a Director of the British Hop Association, Ali flies the flag for British Hops seeking to inspire brewers all over the world to consider the 30 varieties grown in the UK today. Ali presents, lectures and demonstrates British Hops all over the UK and at trade fairs across the world, running a website for the industry, their publicity campaign, and is the number one ambassador for British Hops.
Maltster & General Manager, Bairds in Witham 

Kyrsten Moore has been a General Manager for Bairds Malt at its Witham plant in Essex for the last two years and is responsible for overseeing the malting and roasting of 55,000 tonnes of standard brewing and distilling malts from the ‘granary of England’. It wasn’t a career that she had ever considered. She was interested in science and a friend recommended her for a job when she was just 16 years old testing barley quality as a summer job at Mark Lawrence Grain, and in subsequent years at Bairds. She did this for five years whilst studying science at college and then biochemistry at university. Once she had gained her degree Bairds Malt offered her a position on their 18-month-long graduate training program. She enjoyed the move from barley to maIt and spent around 6 months at three of Bairds’ five UK sites to learn about different equipment, processes and making different types of malt. She then progressed as a Production Support Manager, before taking on the Grantham site, to then General Manager at Witham.

Jenny hagyard - YEAST EXPERT


Shift Brewer, Marston’s Brewery 

Whilst taking her degree in biology, one of Jenny's tutors was an expert in yeast and was the inspiration for her dissertation on microbiology. Post-degree, she joined Marston’s in the laboratories in Wolverhampton in 2014.After taking her General Certificate in Brewing Jenny moved over to Marston’s Burton brewery to join the graduate brewers scheme where she has worked in a variety of roles. She began in the brew house mashing in, overseeing incoming ingredients, planning brewing schedules and managing the brew team.Last June she moved over to fermentation where she is now in charge of the hallowed Burton Union systems. Here, she can put all her microbiology expertise to practice - the Burton Union’s unique fermentation system is for propagating the particular strain of yeast used in Burton ales to its best potential.
Her next likely move will be into production – where the beer is transferred into cask, keg or packaging and all this is against a backdrop of study.
Head Brewster, Horncastle Ales 

I first started in the brewing industry back in April 2011, but it wasn't until January 2014 that I was employed at the Old Nick’s Tavern in Horncastle. They had built a brewery after undergoing 5 years of planning permission. They wanted to bring some more attraction to our market town and so thought Real Ale was the way to go.It was by pure chance I had entered into the brewing industry, and so when the time came, they offered me the position as Head Brewster at Horncastle Ales, who have since won a number of awards, silver and gold medals at CAMRA Beer Festivals, and also includes being invited down for the Great British Beer Festival with our beer Midnight Tempter. During my journey of brewing I have completed a couple of courses at Nottingham University and also Brewlab in Sunderland, including Certificate in Practical Brewing, Brewing Skills Development, Certificate in Beer Production and Certificate in Wort Production. I also take part in Project Venus and Dea Latis which are all about supporting woman in the industry.

Jenny Elliott - SOMMELIER


Beer Sommelier

In 2007 I joined a sales team within Molson Coors UK. I’d come from fashion, then a beauty & skincare background. I was a rose wine drinker. I could manage a Corona on the beach. That was about the extent of beer in my life at that time! How far I have come in 10 years…. Since then I’ve drank lots of beers, gained my Beer Sommelier accreditation, and more than anything, made a real, determined effort, to try my best to allow others to experience that journey I’ve been on with beer.
In my role at Molson Coors UK & Ireland, I’ve developed our ‘Beer Champion Programme’ which encompasses face to face training, challenges and exercises, and our Beer Champions Online Training which has now been adopted by our Molson Coors Global business!
I love beer, I love our breweries, I love our pubs; I feel so lucky to work in such a social industry, which is opening up to be more and more diverse, every day.
Beer Sommelier

Annabel Smith has worked in the beer industry in one form or another for over 25 years. Whilst at Guinness, she trained over 35,000 publicans worldwide how to pour the perfect pint of the Black Stuff. During her 10 years with Cask Marque, she designed numerous training courses, tested thousands of samples of beer, and raised the awareness and love of cask beer through a relentless media campaign. This has included qualifying as one of the UK’s first Beer Sommeliers.Annabel is a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers, and sits on steering committees within the beer industry to advise how to raise the quality and perception of beer.  
Annabel is now a freelance Beer Sommelier and is employed as a trainer, writer, consultant and public speaker to both the beer industry and consumers, under her company name BeerBelle.
In February 2017 she jointly won the Imbibe Educator of the Year Award. She appears as a regular speaker at the BBC Good Food Show and the Ideal Home Exhibition and has a regular weekly column in the Daily Telegraph writing about beer and food pairing.



Beer Sommelier

Jane Peyton is a drinks communicator and educator, award-winning writer, pub expert, events producer, public speaker, and beer drinker. She is the founder of the School of Booze -  a consultancy and corporate events production company. Jane was Britain's first Beer Sommelier of the Year. She is the instigator and driving force of Beer Day Britain, the UK’s annual national beer day (June 15th) for which she co-wrote ‘Cheers to Beer’ – the anthem for beer.  She is a former Drinks Educator of the Year (Imbibe magazine)Jane is the author of eight non-fiction books including ‘Beer o’ Clock’ and ‘Drink:  A Tippler’s Miscellany’.She is regularly heard on radio & TV commentating on alcoholic drinks and is a drinks judge in BBC Radio 4 Food & Farming Awards.
Jane’s preferred pastime is sitting in a pub drinking beer with friends.  When asked what her favourite beer is she usually answers ‘May I choose three?  Porter, India Pale Ale, and oak aged Imperial Russian Stout.’
Head Brewer, Fuller's

Georgina’s passion for brewing started during her student years at King’s College, University of London.

“I always had a passion for beer, so I decided to go to Heriot Watt where my time culminated with a master’s degree in Brewing and Distilling.”

Following time at Smiles Brewery and Brewing Research International, she joined Fuller’s as a Production Brewer in 1999.
During her time at Fuller’s she has progressed through the ranks and in 2017, she became Head Brewer.

 “Every day is different. I’m responsible for some of the UK’s most incredible beers and I just can’t imagine anything I would rather do.”

Lauren Watkins - DIGITAL strategy

KATE HEMPSALL - PR & communications

Beer Sommelier, There’s A Beer For That  
With over 10 years’ experience working on various integrated alcohol and FMCG brands, Lauren helped to launch There’s A Beer For That in 2014. As our go-to digital guru she formed a successful digital and email strategy, launched our unique BeerMatch tool as a portable banner, helping more people find the perfect beer style to pair with their food, and continues to drive our digital efforts into 2018.

Lauren is an eclectic marketer and beer sommelier. She works with the industry to indoctrinate brewers into the Beer Alliance, regularly designs creative, writes and presents about beer & food to consumers and the trade, and is always looking for new ways to help people discover and enjoy the diversity, versatility and quality of beer.
PR and Communications Lead, There's A Beer For That

What’s better than writing and talking about beer? With more than 15 years’ experience in communication roles for national and regional brewers Kate has a great understanding of brewing beer and running pubs. Importantly, she also appreciates the importance of brewer and retailer working together to deliver beer in the best possible condition, whether in a venue or at home.
Working with There’s A Beer For That, Kate’s days are varied and might include anything from pitching an idea to a journalist to writing an award entry; writing press releases, planning promotional events, connecting people to make things happen to submitting information for feature articles. But whatever it is, her knowledge and passion for beer always makes her work a joy.

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